It’s about protecting your business. When you own your own business, it’s more than just a job, it’s your livelihood. That’s why it’s vital to protect it – and not just the building and contents, but also the people that run the business.

Plansure offers a proven and comprehensive array of risk-protection solutions personalised for your business. Our advice and risk-protection products covers;

Business expenses

While your income is directly affected by your ability to work, your ongoing business expenses including rent, leases and staffing costs will continue to be incurred. Covering business expenses in your insurance plan is relatively simple and inexpensive, as it is generally only needed for a short period.

Business key person protection

The loss of a key person in any business can have a significant detrimental financial impact, not just in terms of immediate revenue generation, but the contribution towards capital debt and the costs of recruiting a replacement. Plansure can offer your business protection from the loss of key people in a tax-effective way.

Business succession

Sound business succession agreements need to be underpinned by protection mechanisms that cover future growth and any changes to a business. Plansure supports all business succession agreements it helps clients create with proven protection strategies.