Happy clients’ achieving their financial goals, is why we exist.

The Plansure team work hard each day to help every client maximise & protect their hard-earned wealth. We love making clients happy, and we’re proud of the feedback our long-term clients give us.

Occasionally, we fall short of exceeding expectations. That stings. When it happens, we look closely at where something’s gone wrong, and we double down to fix it.

We treat all feedback as an invaluable learning experience; then we use it as a spur to get better and better. We want every client – every client – to feel like they could sing our praises from the rooftops.

We’re not perfect, but we’re working hard every day to ensure we’re ever more valuable to our valued client family.

The following quotes were obtained via a survey we gave our existing clients and referral partners.

They were asked;

What three words would be used to describe your experience with Plansure & their team?

Here’s what they said, for better or for worse:

“Trustworthy. Reliable. Know their business. (Worth trying.)”“Friendly. Helpful. Cost-effective.”“They know what they’re doing.”“Honest.”“Professional organisation all round.””Poor responsiveness.”Brilliant advice, done easy.”“Approachable. Trustworthy. Empathetic.”Personal contact. Interest in my goals.”“Friendly & helpful.”“Honest Knowledgeable. Experienced.”“Trusted & reliable people.”“Happy to keep using them!”“Excellent, trustworthy & extremely knowledgeable!”“Quality. Experience. Honest. Fun!”“Nice guys & gals!”

We’d love to know what you think of our service – please drop us a line or let us know at our next catch-up!