Estate planning amounts to far more than simply making a Will. It involves arranging your estate so that when you or your partner dies, the right funds and assets go into the right hands at the right time. It gives you peace of mind, and it gives your family the benefit of having an estate, which will take care of their needs and distribute the funds in the best possible way.

What happens if I don’t have a will?

Each Australian state has legislation that will determine a hierarchy of distribution of a deceased person’s assets. The legislation is related to the state you die in. Without a will, your assets are subject to the relevant legislation

Can all my assets be dealt with in a will?

No. Some assets are passed on automatically. For example, home ownership is automatically passed on to joint tenants. Other assets such as Superannuation can be governed by a trustee, who will ensure dependency before making a payment.

Why is a will important?

A well-structured will, combined with a soundly crafted wealth creation and preservation plan, will give you certainty that your intentions will be carried out upon your death. It will ensure that your assets are distributed in the most tax effective way possible. You can cover key areas including ongoing income streams, beneficiary protection from creditors, inheritance protection, medical power of attorney and Guardianship.

How do I go about creating a will?

Plansure is pleased to refer our clients to a Will specialist, an experienced and trustworthy referral partner. With your permission, we can provide them with details of your financial situation to expedite the will creation process.